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Friday, April 17, 2015

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton takes Big $$ from Muslim countries that grossly violate women's rights

From Eric Dondero: 

Hannity's been harping on this line for weeks now. His frequent radio guest Rand Paul has now picked up the ball. 
A woman was raped by 7 men in Saudi Arabia. You know what they did to the woman. They arrested her.
She takes money from the Sultan of Brunei. What do they do in Brunei? If you're accused of adultery you're stoned to death.

Hero city councilwoman in small-town Michigan, fights for realistic Veterans Memorial

If not for the "boots and the gun and the helmet, we wouldn't have all the freedoms we have"

From FoxNews
Bear Hall, the chairman of the local chapter of Friends of American Veterans in Milford, Mich. earlier this month proposed placing a sculpture of the battlefield cross at the end of a brick walkway leading out of the present veterans’ memorial. 
The battlefield cross-- a military helmet adorned with dog tags perched on the stock of an automatic rifle, its barrel pointing downward into a pair of combat boots --has been used by those in active duty as far back as the Civil War to memorialize fallen soldiers. 
One council member, Jennifer Frankford, disagreed with Nader. "If it wasn’t for the boots and the gun and the helmet, we wouldn’t have all the freedoms we have," she said.
Local US Marine: We don't want "no foo foo fountain"
The issue will be further debated at the council's April 20 meeting, to which Hall planned to bring "a lot of people." Hall said he would be open to changing the fallen soldiers memorial’s planned location, but remained steadfast on the content of the monument. 
"If [the council] doesn’t want it as a focal point, that’s fine, but we don’t want some ‘foofoo’ fountain either," he told the paper. 
Hall, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, added that a number of veterans he’s spoken with are not happy with some of the council’s objections. "Everyone’s thinking the same thing we’re thinking: We didn’t win the war by throwing sticks and stones," he said.
Editor's note - Just a guess, but something tells me Ms. Frankford is a Republican.  

Super Marco

by Clifford F. Thies
Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has thrown his hat into the ring, and brings a new dimension to the Republican field: likability. Senator Cruz is brilliant and - the problem is - it comes across as though he knows it. Senator Paul is a bit of a wonk and has been shall we say impatient with a couple reporters. It is early and both fellows are entirely capable of adjusting to the rigors of the political major league. But, Rubio comes across as naturally charming, an all-around sort, and genuinely optimistic about the future. 

Check out his performance in an spontaneous airport interview in the accompanying video. Rubio's positions are sufficiently conservative on all but one issue (immigration, he's for comprehensive immigration reform) to appeal to the grass-roots, while mainstream enough to not offend establishment-types. He will have served an entire six-year term in the Senate, and has actually co-sponsored legislation that has made its way into law. 

Prior to the U.S. Senate, Rubio served in the state legislature of Florida, rising to Majority Leader and then to Speaker of the state Assembly. There, he was a very effective legislator Rubio's bone fides with the hispanic community are in much better shape than are Cruz'. While barely Cruz qualifies (one parent only, married outside the community), Rubio is the real deal (both parents, married within the community, his wife being of Colombian heritage). He also comes from a big state that we absolutely have to win.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Congresswoman Love comments on Hillary announcement

We need "a president who believes America is an exceptional nation because it is built on a foundation of liberty and freedom.  Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton is not that leader."

From Republican Rep. Mia Love's Facebook page April 14, via

White House acquiesces to Senate

Big Win for the Gentleman from Tennessee 

by Clifford F. Thies

Senator Bob Corker [R] of Tennessee, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, needed to assemble a veto-proof, two-thirds majority. He started out with solid support from his fellow Republicans. That's 54 votes. Not enough to overcome a filibuster, no less overcome a Presidential veto. But, Senators Robert Menendez [D] of New Jersey, the ranking member on the committee, and Charles Shumer [D] of New York, strong supporters of Israel, gave Corker hope of fashioning a bill that would gain enough support from the other side. The President, on the other hand, thought to cut off the Republicans. 

Left-wing voices said that 47 Senators were committing treason by publishing an open letter saying that an agreement entered into by a President without Congressional approval did not have the force of law. 

The White House followed up by saying that the Senators were "undermining" the Commander in Chief. When he was overseas, in Panama, President Obama compared Republicans in the Senate as the equivalent of the hard-liners of Iran. At a later time, the White House said the role of Congress was not to approve or disapprove of agreements entered into by the President, but to lift sanctions in accordance with his agreement.
Q: You are cracking that door open to some sort of involvement. 

A: No, we're not. What we have said all along is that the proper role for Congress in this effort, and there is one, the proper role for Congress in this effort is the consideration of sanctions that the Congress put in place themselves During this period, Corker was indicating that he was within 2 or 3 votes of a veto-proof majority. In a last ditch effort, the administration dispatched Secretary of State John Kerry, a former Senator, to Capitol Hill, to firm up opposition. But, all of a sudden, the administration accepted the inevitable, and embraced that it would have to deal with the Senate. 

We can suppose that Corker found those 2 or 3 votes. To be sure, Corker had been modifying the bill. The modified bill fetched a 19 to zero vote in committee, and will now breeze its way through Congress. According to the bill, Congress will have 30 days to consider any deal, or longer if it passes a disapproval resolution and Obama vetoes it. 

In the meanwhile, Iran is making it clear it expects all sanctions to be immediately lifted, retains for itself the right to declare the inspections part of the agreement to be null and void, and there are reports of new arms shipments by Iranian-supported terrorists in various places in the world.

Andre Controversa Presents: Should Gay Conversion Therapy Be Banned?

The first guest is Daniel Schmid, attorney for Liberty Council, who will be discussing efforts to ban gay conversion therapy in various states.

Please listen in at The Andre Controversa Show, or feel free 
to call in at 914-803-4350.
See you at 9-00 Ct.

Andre Traversa, partner, Epic Quest Media
phone, 773-774-1583.

Third suspect arrested in rape of white girl at Panama City Spring Break

From Eric Dondero: 

His name is George Davon Kennedy. He's a student at Middle Tennesssee State University, but he's originally from Dekalb, Georgia. 

From CNN:
CW39 TV News
Investigators discovered that Kennedy had family in DeKalb County, Georgia, and reached out to the sheriff's office there. 
Deputies in DeKalb, in the Atlanta area, tracked down Kennedy and arrested him on a charge of sexual assault by multiple perpetrators, the Bay County Sheriff's Office said. Kennedy is from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and has been a student at Middle Tennessee State University, the sheriff's office said. 
Previously, Ryan Calhoun and Delonte Martistee were arrested and charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, the sheriff's office said.
And a little bit more info on the rape itself creeping out this morning...
The video shows suspects pushing the victim's hand aside and holding her legs down, Corley said. 
"You can see in the video there are people two feet away. They were assaulting her, and we believe the people around her knew she was being assaulted."
Editor's note - Interesting video from YouTube news blogger Michael Stroup. He wonders out loud why white people standing not far from the scene, didn't intervened to help the girl.  Perhaps they were afraid of being attacked by the gang of black perps and yelled at by the black girls protecting them? 

Free Market solutions for Agriculture gaining support among GOP policy makers on Capitol Hill

Libertarian Republican Congressman Yoho of Fla. introduces legislation

From The Hill, editorial, Rick Manning, "Opportunity knocks for a free-market agriculture policy":
The resulting study, "Moving to A Free Market Agriculture Policy," identifies a number of factors ranging from environmental regulation to U.S. tax laws to foreign government subsidies as contributing to either the costs of doing business or the competitive price points for agriculture products. 
One example Burnett cites is the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) attempt to expand the scope of the Clean Water Act to cover the family farm as one of the primary regulatory threats to sustainable farming. 
Breitbart News quotes Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) as calling the EPA's regulatory assault as "trying to regulate every puddle on every farm and ranch, as well as making it harder for producers to feed the world with the continued safe use of pesticides." Burnett also pinpoints efforts by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) to create a third way for dealing with sugar subsidies as a new approach to the agriculture subsidy issue. 
Yoho has introduced legislation known as "zero for zero," which would trigger the elimination of U.S. sugar subsidies contingent upon other major sugar producers doing the same. Passage of Yoho's bill would give trade negotiators a powerful anti-subsidy weapon as they could point to the U.S. having already taken action.
Read the full editorial at the link above.

Editor's sidenote - Cue 'er up... Our official celebratory "Ode to Yoho."  Argh!!