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HOLY SHIT!!! Breaking... Allegations out of Hidalgo County, Texas, Democrats bought votes with Cocaine. Details coming...

Monday, September 1, 2014

SHOCK POLL: Chicago Sun-Times finds Republican challenger only 7 points down from incumbent Dick Durban

Plain as vanilla Republican surges against long-time incumbent Democrat: A clear sign of Obama's demise?

by Eric Dondero 

Jim Oberweis, truth be told, is running about as an exciting race as watching paint grow, or the grass dry, or something along those lines. He truly is a milk-toast guy, standard-fare conservative, low taxes, Chamber of Commerce credentials.  Oberweis, a former state legislator, has run for statewide office twice before and lost. His only big claim to fame; he's the owner/founder of a pretty swell ice cream company in northwest Illinois. 

So, what explains this sudden surge? Just a few weeks ago, Oberweis was polling in the low 20s, and was viewed as nothing more than a ballot-line holder candidate. 

Meanwhile, a new Chicago Sun-Times poll shows this race could be tighter than expected. Durbin only has a slim lead: 47.8 percent to Oberweis's 40.5 percent. 
Libertarian candidate Sharon Hansen had a showing of about 4 percent, while another 7.6 percent said they were undecided.
7.3% is certainly not insurmountable. And some of that Libertarian vote might break towards Oberweis in the coming weeks. Suddenly it's beginning to look more like 5 to 6% down. 

Could Durban get swamped in the coming Republican tidal wave? In Obama's home state, of all places. Stranger things have happened. And what a stunning rebuke to the occupant of the White House that would be.

Lord of the Flies

by Clifford F. Thies 

There's no way either Eric or I can form an opinion concerning the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, this past month. We believe it is a matter of routine for any discharge of an officer's weapon to be investigated; and, in this case, the officer's weapon was fired six times, and the young man suffered multiple wounds. As to whether this was justified, we await the findings of the investigation that got underway.

But, not everybody feels they need to await the findings of the investigation. For them, it is sufficient that the police officer was white and the fellow who was slain black, that six shots were fired, that the fellow who was slain was unarmed, and that it is claimed that the fellow who was slain had his hands in the air at the time the fatal shot was fired. For these people - most of them from outside the suburban town of Ferguson - this was the signal to demand justice, and also the opportunity to break into stores, vandalize cars, break windows, and set fires. 

In contrast, at the about the same time that a young, unarmed black man was shot and killed by a white police officer in Missouri, a young, unarmed white man was shot and killed by a police officer in Utah. A crowd of whites gathered in Utah to demand justice for this other young man, as we certainly hope will happen for both young men and for their loved ones and their communities; but, few people are even aware of the other death and no riots followed. 

We libertarians had been criticizing the militarizing of our police forces for some time. Specifically, for the equipping of police with military-style weapons and tactics. In our mind, there should be a clear distinction between Governors declaring martial law and bringing in the National Guard, and local police. We furthermore oppose the continuing proliferation of federal police forces. In Ferguson, the deployment of local and neighboring police outfitted in military gear and supported by armored vehicles and helicopters as though this was a war zone did not prove effective. The response was insufficient from a military point of view (for that you would need to mobilize the Guard), and it broke any relationship the police might have had with the citizenry.

After Senator Rand Paul re-iterated our position following Ferguson, President Obama indicated he might review the matter. It seemed that going gestapo on us is o.k. with the President, if it's only white people who are put at risk. But, when the police go gestapo on black people, well, that's another thing. We'll have to review the matter. Figure it out, Mr. President. Let the racist inside you take over, that just reflexively sees things in terms of skin color, or rise up to the occasion. 

As for our utopian friends in left-libertarian land who think anarcho-capitalism would just be swell, why is it that Ferguson turned violent? Ferguson, like Somalia, are not exactly exemplars of how wonderful is anarchy. And, realizing that standing between us and anarchy is the police and, if necessary, the National Guard, let's not rush to judgment when a police officer is involved in an act needing to be investigated.

Not every business in Ferguson was looted or vandalized


From Cliff Thies: 

Via ABC News, Aug. 30:
Businesses along a stretch of West Florissant Avenue that were victimized by looting are replacing boarded-up windows, with signs out front reading, "Open For Business." 
[One] man who has run a business on West Florissant for two decades said he didn't know if it was worth it to reopen... 
[The] owner of Sam's Meat Market & More, had two signs in the front of the market. One read, "Our Prayers Go Out To The Michael Brown Family." The other, "Now Open," was tacked to plywood where a window used to be. 
He's not certain he'll ever get all of his customers back. "Many of my customers are not from Ferguson and they're afraid to come back because of the violence," said Yaacoub, who immigrated to the United States from Lebanon in 1999. "We're not selling anything."
(Emphasis added.)

Jews persecuting Christians in Jerusalem: Threaten Baptist church, molotov cocktails thrown, one congregant knifed

EDITOR'S NOTE - Oopsie! Did we say that it was Jews threatening the Christians? So, sorry. So, very, very sorry. We meant to say it was Arab Muslims in Jerusalem, not Jews. 

From Eric Dondero: 

They had been renting a building close to the Arab sector of Jerusalem. And they were continually harassed by Muslims nearby. 

From jns.org, "Eastern Jerusalem church forced to close after years of Islamist harassment":
An Evangelical Christian church in eastern Jerusalem was forced to close following years of harassment and intimidation by Islamists, a Palestinian pastor said. The Calvary Baptist Church—which is affiliated with the Evangelical Christian Holy Land Missions organization—was forced to move out of its building in July after Islamists threatened its landlord. The church, which was located in the predominantly Muslim eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat, is trying to raise $3.5 million to purchase a new building.
According to Khoury, the persecution of Calvary Baptist congregants started shortly after the church opened in 2007. Among the attacks were a congregant being threatened with a knife, a Molotov cocktail being tossed at the building, and vehicles and even children being harassed at church functions. 
“These were all spread out over a two- or three-year period, to let us know that we were not welcome there,” Khoury said.
Editor's comment - Tell us again, why it is Arabs are permitted to live in Jerusalem, greater Israel?? It's like the United States allowing Al Qaeda to occupy a few cities within it's borders. Oopsie! We already allow that: Minneapolis, Dearborn MI, Buffalo NY.

Did Scott Brown's constant hammering of Shaheen over lack of action on ISIS cause her to act?

From Eric Dondero: 

It sure seems that way. 

From the BostonGlobe, "Scott Brown gains ground on Jeanne Shaheen in N.H.":
on the ground in New Hampshire, Brown has hammered Shaheen on her refusal to hold town halls, a time-honored Granite State political tradition. And he has, since entering the campaign, been working hard to tie her to Obama’s unpopular foreign policy decisions, first in the face of Russia’s expansionist maneuvers and now with the militant group the Islamic State (also known as ISIL). 
“Guess what?” Brown told a town hall meeting in Stratham. “I know you’ll be shocked to hear it, but he’s not up for re-election. But his number-one foot soldier is, Senator Shaheen.”
And then this:
On Thursday, hours before Obama addressed the issue from the White House press briefing room, Shaheen released a measured letter putting a small amount of distance between herself and the administration, urging Secretary of State John F. Kerry, whose 2004 presidential campaign she chaired, and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to “do more to disrupt ISIL’s recruitment operations.”
Editor's comment - Libertarian Party activists used to say, that we win by influencing policy, not necessarily in electing our members to public office. Did pro-military strength, anti-Islamist Scott Brown just score a win, two months before the election?

Booker campaign spokesman attacks Jeff Bell for pro-Gold stance

"I find the support of this, making it a central tenement of his campaign, bizarre" 

From NJ.com, "Jeff Bell goes for the gold standard":
In the 19th century, the dollar was backed by gold. But presidents began weakening the gold standard in the 20th century, and in the 1970s, President Richard Nixon cut the last attachment. This, in Bell’s view, led to irresponsible policies by the Federal Reserve, including a long-standing policy of zero interest rates. 
“I’m trying to inject it as an issue that bothers people,” Bell said. “Mainly stagnation of wages, stagnation of job creation and the inability of the average worker to keep up with rising prices of the things like medical care.”
Booker’s campaign manager, Brendan Gill, said Booker opposes the return to the gold standard. 
“We believe that this obsession with essentially a long-ago-discredited economic theory is an example of how he would take the state backwards,” Gill said. “Ultimately, quite frankly, I find the support of this, and making it a central tenement of his campaign, bizarre.”
Editor's comment - Sure, "discredited" by far leftwing economists like Paul Krugman.  Side comment - very clever headline.  Bravo NJ.com!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oopsie! BBC panel hostess, panelists stunned by results of immediate TV survery on multiculturalism

95% of respondents say a Multicultural UK has been a disaster 

From Eric Dondero: 

The stunned look on the hostess's face is priceless. Some lefty tries to explain away the results. But the other panelists aren't so sure. 

H/t - French counter-Jihad blog, (the single best political website in the entire world) Fdesouche

BREAKING!! Mexican authorities on border with Belize catch members of radical Muslim group Hezbollah seeking to cross the border into southern Mexico


From Eric Dondero:

According to the Mexican newspaper Por Esto! in the Yucatan, four members of the Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah tried to cross the border from Belize into Mexico last Wednesday afternoon, near Chetumal. 

Police officials were alerted to a Mercedes Benz with two males and two females on board. They were tipped off that they were members of Hezbollah.
Ante el reporte del paso de un grupo de presuntos terroristas del grupo “Hezbollah”, por el municipio a bordo de un vehículo Mercedes Benz, tras desplazarse a la ciudad de Cancún, la policía federal y municipal reforzaron la vigilancia en los filtros policiacos con la finalidad de detectar dicha unidad por más de cinco horas, sin que detectaran el paso de la unidad descrita.    
Fue el pasado miércoles alrededor de las 13:45 horas en que a través del C4, de la ciudad de Chetumal, las autoridades policiacas recibieron la alerta sobre una unidad de la marca Mercedes Benz, en donde viajaban a bordo cuatro terroristas que pertenecen al grupo “Hezbollah”. 
De acuerdo a datos obtenidos, los terroristas viajaban a bordo en un vehículo Mercedes Benz, de color gris con placas de circulación BCC-44-00, del país de Belice, mismo que era conducido por Hacsam Elsayetd, en el cual viajaban dos personas de sexo masculino y dos de sexo femenino, mismos que se dirigían a la ciudad de Cancún. 
Estos terroristas pertenecen al grupo de “Hezbollah”, mismos que radican en Belice de acuerdo a datos dados a conocer, forzosamente tuvieron que ingresar en la garita de Subteniente López. (Emphasis added.)
There is a photo at the link of the border crossing.