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Monday, April 21, 2014

AJC hyperventilates over "220 thousand signups": Reality, less than half have actually paid

From Eric Dondero: 

Here's the hyper-ventilating glaringly positive headling by the hyper-leftist Atlanta Journal Constitution, yesterday morning, "Obamacare signups surge past 220K in Georgia":
With the six-month open enrollment period on the federal Health Insurance Marketplace headed toward a close in March, nearly 20 percent of the state’s signups came in the last two weeks of the month, according to new state data. 
“Given the opposition to having people covered in the state by state officials, the amount of misinformation, the lack of aid in finding these (health) plans and the terrible, terrible rollout of the website, this number looks pretty good,” said Bill Custer, a health insurance expert at Georgia State University
And here's the reality towards the end of the piece. Continuing:
State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens (photo), a steadfast opponent of the Affordable Care Act, released the new state figures on Wednesday and noted that, of the roughly 222,000 enrollments, only about 107,000 of those applicants have actually paid their premiums and have new insurance in force. (Emphasis added.)
Graph screen shot of a pro-Obamacare ad in Georgia. Run that by us again... Who exactly is playing political games?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Strong economic libertarian (with a smokin' hot wife!) for Congress in Alabama's 6th District

"Put a leash on the IRS. Stop targeting conservatives"

From Issues "End Obamacare," campaign website:
Obamacare threatens families in Alabama and across the country. It must end. I will work to find a free-market approach to healthcare needs that does not take away individual’s rights and run up the costs to families. We must have a common sense approach that focuses on the well-being of the patient. 
In addition to repealing ObamaCare, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and tort reform (at a state level) are obvious starting points for improving the system. Our health care system itself is over-regulated and government intervention continues to drive up the cost of insurance premiums. (Emphasis added.) 
Editor's note - State Rep. Paul Demarco is married to Dr. Jacqueline Demarco.  He is viewed as the frontrunner in the race. District - Heavily Republican seat of retiring Republican Rep. Spencer Bauchus, 6-way GOP primary.

BOOM! Democrat-polling firm Rothenberg Report switches Tierney seat in Mass from "Leans Dem" to "Toss-up"

"Excellent Republican opportunity" 

From Eric Dondero: 

Oh, boy. This is sweet music to libertarian Republican ears. 

Note - Tisei is the gay Republican State Senator who ran as libertarian-leaning Charles Baker's running mate for Governor in 2012.

Just breaking from Roll Call, "8 House Race Ratings Changes Boost GOP, Democrats":
Massachusetts voters haven’t sent a Republican to the U.S. House of Representatives from any district in nearly 20 years. Republican Richard Tisei nearly broke that streak in 2012 and is challenging Rep. John F. Tierney, D-Mass., once again in 2014. 
Tierney’s vulnerability is specific. Massachusetts’ 6th District voted for Barack Obama with 55 percent in 2012 and 57 percent in 2008. But Tierney nearly lost to Tisei last cycle, 48 percent to 47 percent, with the help from a Libertarian candidate who received 4.5 percent. The Democrat’s wife and brothers in law have been in legal trouble, and that appears to have taken a toll on Tierney’s numbers. The congressman denies any wrongdoing. (Emphasis added.)
This year, Tierney faces Tisei once again, as well as two primary challengers... Tisei is a top-tier challenger who will have to defend himself better from Democratic attacks that couple him with the most conservative members of his own party. This year will be a prime test as to whether voters have moved beyond the Tierney family’s issues. 
This looks like an excellent Republican opportunity, so we are changing our Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating of the race from Lean Democrat to Toss-Up/Tilt Democrat.
Editor's note - As far as we can determine, there doesn't appear to be a Libertarian spoiler candidate on the horizon to cause Tisei to lose the election this time.

Charles Lollar for MD Governor - Inheritance Taxes "grave robbing"


From Eric Dondero: 

The 7 candidates for Maryland Govenror met for a joint debate as reported by the DelmarvaSun: 3 Democrats and 4 Republicans. 

There is a genuine Marxist Communist in the race who favors income confiscation from all "wealthy individuals."
Delegate Heather Mizeur, D-Montgomery... “Lowering Maryland’s corporate tax (already the second lowest in the region) does not increase our competitiveness,” she said. “Rather, it is a race to the bottom that would limit state revenue for critical investments in education, health care, public safety and infrastructure.”
And then there's libertarian Republican Charles Lollar. 

Charles County businessman Charles Lollar... corporate tax rates should be be gradually lowered... 
“Both the estate and inheritance taxes — ‘death taxes’ — should be totally repealed,” Lollar said. “I see it as akin to ‘grave robbing’ and government theft of property for which income taxes were previously paid by the decedents in the course of the development of these assets.”
Note - Charles is an Iraq War Vetern - US Army.

National Dems' "triage" cutting off up and comers

Nunn in Georgia, Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky hardest hit?

From Eric Dondero: 

Who exactly are those up and comers that Politico's Mike Allen is talking about. You've got to assume he's talking of the much ballyhooed Georgia recruit Sam Nunn's daughter in Georgia. You also have to assume it's Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky running against Mitch McConnell.  

Perhaps Rep. Gary Peters up in Michigan, running against Republican Terri Lynn Land?  Peters has been mostly behind Land in recent polls.  And also Walsh up in Montana running behind Republican Steven Daines for the Max Baucus seat?

Photo h/t - athenschronicle.com

Nigel Farage and UKIP officially link up with France's Rise Up Republic, reject the National Front, while Marine Le Pen and the NF aligned with Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, reject racist parties in Greece and Hungary... confused yet?


From Eric Dondero: 

An interesting development in Anglo-French politics. Marine Le Pen has been courting Nigel Farage for a trans-national alliance, between the libertarian-leaning UK Independence Party and the anti-EU, stridently French First, National Front. Farage has avoided her overtures for the last year or so.

She made another pitch two weeks ago. Farage praised her, saying she's got "some good qualities." But he's decided to formally align his party with the much smaller Rise Up Republic (of France) party. 

The party, is very similar to the NF, but without the historical baggage. They appear to be moderately conservative on economics, and most certainly anti-Islamist, and pro-national sovereignty. 

Very recently in the French municipal elections Rise Up received a big victory. A member of the party, Robert Menard was elected to the mayorship in southern France. He was initially declared a winner for the NF. However, he only had NF's endorsement. His official affiliation was with Rise Up. 

Menard has been in office only less than 4 weeks, and he's already created a stir. He has ordered the French municipality to no longer serve Muslim-Halal foods in taxpayer-subsidized cafeterias. 

Debout la Republique only has 2 members of the French parliament. The typically poll less than 2% nationally. 

Rise Up France... against Islamism: Rise Up Australia... against Islamism

From France24, "Le Pen’s National Front fail to woo Britain’s Eurosceptics":
In the run-up to elections for the European Parliament in May, Farage has chosen instead to link up with another and much smaller French party, Debout la Republique (''Stand up, the republic!'', or DLR). Farage received a euphoric welcome on stage in Paris last week at the launch of the Euro 2014 campaign of DLR’s leader, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. 

Farage told the gathering he had chosen DLR over Le Pen because Eurosceptics had to show the world that they were not political extremists and that wanting national sovereignty and one’s own currency were normal aspirations. He said the FN had too much political baggage and could never free itself of its anti-Semitic past.
And to add great irony to the whole situation, Le Pen herself has rejected alliances with other parties in Europe, because of their racist and/or anti-Semitic roots.
Her party currently holds three seats, one of them hers. She has ruled out Greece’s Golden Dawn and Hungary’s Jobbik as potential partners but last November she linked up with the anti-EU, anti-Islam Party for Freedom in the Netherlands led by Geert Wilders. (Emphasis added.) 
Le Pen said of Farage’s decision to throw her over for the DLR, ''Nigel Farage appears to have chosen to campaign along with a candidate who reaches scores of 1 percent in France. I am still wondering why he made that choice, as Nicolas Dupont-Aignan’s political choices are very close to ours.''
Of course, it's pretty hard to escape the similarity between Rise Up Republique and the pro-Australian nationalist - "Keep Australia Australian"Rise Up Australia Party.  

We reported heavily on Rise Up Australia in 2013.  Unfortunately, they failed to gain seats in the Australian parliament.  And their charismatic ethnically Indian party leader Daniel Nalliah (center in photo) is still making a lot of noises against Muslim immigration into Australia. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Turns out it was a Beltway Sniper II in Kansas City shootings, after all: Suspect caught, his name... wait for it... here it comes... MOHAMMED

Suspect is from Illinois 

From Eric Dondero: 

Well, well, well... the news on the suspect was leaked out on a slow Friday afternoon, when few outside of news junkies are really paying close attention. Turns out the suspect arrested didn't fit the profile in the least.

The police chief is in a bit of a pickle. He had commented early on in the investigation that he believed the suspect to be a "white male." Turns out he's an Hispanic Muslim black male: Mohammed Pedro Whitaker'. 

From KAKE, "KC highway shooting suspect charged with 18 counts":
A man faces 18 charges for a series of shootings along Kansas City area highways. Prosecutors announced the charges against Mohammed Whitaker today. The charges cover 9 shooting incidents. Early Thursday evening, police surrounded a home in Grandview, Missouri. 
They served a search warrant and arrested a man, who hasn't yet been identified. But police are hopeful, they've found the Kansas City highway shooter. 
Witnesses say about 30 officers swarmed on the suspect's home, and battered down a rear door, in making the arrest. Helicopter video at the suspect's home shows police towing a green Dodge Neon with Illinois plates.
Suspect's uncle says actions of young black men sometimes hard to explain 

From WSLITV.com, Family of Kansas City Shooting Suspect Speaks Out
Twenty-seven-year-old Mohammed Whitaker is accused of randomly targeting 20 cars in recent months. He lives in a Kansas City suburb. However, his license plates are registered under his father's name, Edward Whitaker, who lives in Cairo along with other family. News 3 spoke with relatives who are stunned. 
“Normal kid, no problems just like all kids he wanted a car. His daddy bought him a car,” uncle Pete Watts explained. 
“Being a young black man or a young man period they tend to do things we don't expect. They tend to go in directions we can't explain,” conceded Watts.

Happy Easter, Happy Passover Greetings from Libertarian Republican

Important Housekeeping item for LR Readers 

From the Editor: 

We will continue to pump out news of interest to the libertarian Republican community over the Easter weekend, albeit on a less-than-normal schedule through Monday. 

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