Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The GOP's tired old white men

by Clifford F. Thies 

Ten potential Presidential candidates showed up in Iowa at the "unofficial" start of the 2016 campaign. These ten plus five others presently constitute the field of possible contenders, which is not to say all fifteen will actually run or that some other candidate won't appear in the future. 

In alphabetical order these fifteen are: (1) Bush, J., (2) Carson, (3) Christie, (4) Cruz, (5) Fiorina, (6) Huckabee, (7) Jindal, (8) Paul, R., (9) Perry, (10) Palin, (11) Romney, (12) Rubio, (13) Santorum, (14) Trump and (15) Walker. The group has been described as a bunch of tired old white men. It is actually quite diverse.

1 Black or African American 
1 Asian American 2 Hispanics 
11 non-hispanic Whites 

2 women 
13 men 

1 Mormon 
4 Catholics 
9 Protestants 

1 Ministry (Huckabee counted twice) 
2 Medicine (Paul counted twice) 
3 Business (Romney counted twice) 
4 Senator 8 Governor 
OTHER 1 Cancer-survivor (Fiorina) 1 Veteran (Perry)

Editor's comment - Vhat? No Jews? Oy, vey! Somebody quick! recruit freshman, 3-weeks  in office, Rep. Lou Zeldin of Long Island, NY to run so we can have full religious diversity. 

American public solidly with the GOP on the issues; thoroughly unenthused with Obama agenda items, new poll finds

Job growth, defeating Muslim terrorists, securing the border with Mexico, stopping Iran nukes, overwhelmingly top priority items for Americans 

Excerpted, Josh Kraushaar, National Journal, "Obama is setting up Hill Clinton to fail":
the hoopla, recent polling shows that the public is much more in sync with the GOP's agenda than the White House's. This month's NBC/WSJ survey illustrated a striking disconnect between the president's improving approval rating (at 46 percent, up 2 points since November) and the top priorities of the American electorate. 
In the survey, 85 percent of voters rank "creating jobs" as a top priority, followed by defeating and dismantling ISIS (74 percent), reducing the federal deficit (71 percent), securing the border with Mexico (58 percent), and addressing Iran's nuclear program (56 percent). 
The last four are core GOP strengths; polls consistently show Republicans with an edge on those issues. The items at the bottom of the priority list are all top administration priorities: closing the Guantanamo prison camp (24 percent rate as top priority), addressing the issue of climate change (34 percent), creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants (39 percent), and increasing the minimum wage (44 percent).
Editor's note - Kraushaar interestingly uses the nickname "Hill" for Hillary, instead of the more common and accurate Thunder Thighs. (photo h/t - New Republic)

Full-blown apology by Howard Dean for American Sniper comments... well almost

From Eric Dondero: 

He apologizes to Veterans, without equivocation. But he explicitly does not apologize to "rightwing nutjobs" who've been Twitter-bombing him with hateful messages. 

Exit question - What about us military veterans who also happen to be rightwing nutjobs Governor?

Just-retired top Spy-Chief Lt. General Michael Flynn rebuffs Obama, Ron Paul's defense posture of do-nothingness against Al-Qaeda/ISIS

h/t Pamela Geller
Islamists "fueled by a vision for worldwide domination through violence and bloodshed" 

From Eric Dondero:

Lt. General Michael Flynn, just retired, spoke to a gathering of military industry insiders and intelligence experts on Monday in D.C. The Daily Beast reports that he called for a new Cold War against Islamic militants. He further asserted, that an Obama, Ron Paul-style foreign policy of retreat and surrender could prove catastrophic for the United States and our Western allies.
“They want us to think that our challenge is dealing with an undefined set of violent extremists or merely lone-wolf actors with no ideology or network. But that’s just not the straight truth,” said Flynn. “Our adversaries around the world are self-described Islamic militants—they say,” he told the crowd at the annual National Defense Industry Association’s special-operations meeting. There were many nods of approval. 
Flynn described the enemies arrayed against the U.S. as varied, but “fueled by a vision for worldwide domination, achieved through violence and bloodshed. They want to silence all opposition. They hate our ideals and they hate our way of life.” (Emphasis added.)
Flynn said the problem is so sweeping, the world should create a “single unified and international chain of command, probably civilian-led,” like the coalition championed by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower during World War II. He made further references to former President Ronald Reagan’s all-out war against the Soviet Union, not only outfighting them in proxy wars, but outspending them and outthinking them in terms of fighting their ideology.
"Retreat, retrenchment, and disarmament are... a recipe for disaster"

“A strong defense is the best deterrent,” against such fights, he said, adding that, “the dangers to the U.S. do not arise from the arrogance of American power, but from unpreparedness or an excessive unwillingness to fight when fighting is necessary.” 
“Retreat, retrenchment, and disarmament are historically a recipe for disaster,” he added, making reference to budget cuts and troop drawdowns faced by the current military as the Obama administration attempts to reduce troop levels in Afghanistan, as it did in Iraq before sending small numbers of trainers and advisers to assist the government there in the current crisis brought on by the territorial gains of ISIS.

First lady uncovered

From Cliff Thies: 

First Lady Michelle Obama accompanied her husband, the President, on his visit to Saudi Arabia to express his condolences to the new King on the passing of his brother. What might not be noticed by Americans is that Mrs. Obama was uncovered. At a reception that followed, Mrs. Obama either shared a handshake or not with those who welcomed the President and the First Lady to their country. From such little demonstrations among friends, there can come change. Perhaps, maybe, what happens at the 1:28 mark in the video for American women will happen in the not so distant future for Saudi women. 

Editor's note - For another perspective on the Ms. Obama uncovered controversy visit (Thomas L.) Knappster blog.

Heidi Mund endorses Pegida

From Eric Dondero: 

Some longtime readers of Libertarian Republican just might recall this video from a few years back. Heidi Mund in western Germany standing up to Islamo-fascists demonstrating in her town square.
I am German. I am ashamed that someone like him can stand here and speak like Hitler.
Germany you have to rise up. Rise up Germany.
Well it seems Heidi has re-emerged.
At the 1.5 minute mark: 
This is our land. We love this land.
Editor's note - A friend of this website produced the first video above. The original version, no longer available, garnered over 10,000 views on YouTube. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


from Maria P.'s Facebook page
He wanted her to have an abortion. Maria P. was stabbed several times in the lower abdomen. The 19-year-old was about to give birth. She was doused with gasoline and burned alive... Maria's ethnically Turkish boyfriend was arrested on Friday. -- 

From Eric Dondero: is now reporting, 
Ermittler sicher: Es war der Ex-Freund!
The victim has been identified as Maria P. Her ex-boyfriend, a Muslim Turk, is identified as Eren T. 
The two had an "on off relationship" for the past two years. Maria told Eren that she was pregnant. He told her to "have an abortion" because of his family: They would "not accept her because she was not Muslim." 
Maria decided to have the baby despite his wishes. 
On Thursday the two met in a wooded area in Aldershof near Berlin. Indications that it was a trap. Eren brought his friend. He plunged the knife into her belly to kill the baby. She tried to defend herself. An autopsy showed she had deep cuts to both her hands. 
One of the men poured gasoline over her and lit her on fire. According to the Coroner, at the time, she was still alive. Passers-by out walking their dog, discovered the body the next morning. A homicide detective described Eren as "completely callous and indifferent." He is claiming that it was his friend's idea to murder Maria.
Translation summary mine. Translated from German into comprehensible American English. 

BREAKING: Pro-America, Pro-Guy movie American Sniper not just a monster hit in the USA: Moves into #1 spot in the UK

"For the first time, there is a truly popular movie about the Iraq War" 

From Eric Dondero: 

No doubt the ultra-leftist editors at the UK Guardian who savaged the film, are seething this morning. 

From DigitalSpy, "American Sniper overtakes Taken 3 to lead UK box office top 10":
American Sniper has risen to the top of the UK box office in its second week of release. 
Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper's war drama earned £2.5 million to secure first place this week, with Liam Neeson's Taken 3 dropping to second spot with £1.8 million.
"Biggest Movie of 2014"

And this interesting nugget... reports that Mid-Westerners are flocking to the very Texas-themed movie:
With a record-breaking second weekend at the box office, Sniper is on pace to become the biggest movie of 2014 — it opened on Christmas Day on the coasts — ahead of franchise cash cows like Mockingjay Pt. 1, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America: Winter Soldier. 
Though huge flocks of hunters and cowboys in Texas have predictably descended upon the Cineplexes in Kyle's homestate, D.C. news outlet The Hill reports that viewers in America's "heartland" are also fueling the enduring interest. 
In a blog post this morning, The Hill reported that audiences in Cleveland, notably, grew by 73 percent.