Monday, March 30, 2015

Second Round: UMP and center-right allies smash the left

Video News Report from RT: Guest - "We now have 3" major parties... "It looks like today it's very bad for Holland and the Socialist Party, of course"

NF wins 54 seats and the balance of power in 3 departments

by Clifford F. Thies 

According to the mainstream media, yes, it was a victory for Nicholas Sarkozy's conservative party (UMP); but, it was another defeat - the second in eight days!!! - for Marine Le Pen and the National Front. 

A defeat? Une défaite pour François Hollande. Une victoire pour Marine Le Pen. 

Based on incomplete tabulations of the vote at the Ministry of the Interior, UMP and its allies totaled 43 percent of the popular vote in yesterday's run-off department elections; the Socialist Party and its allies, 29 percent; the National Front 22 percent; and, others 6 percent. In terms of councilmen, the UMP and other parties of the right, 2,092 (up from 753 four years ago); the Socialists and other parties of the left, 1,520 (up from 1,211); the National Front, 54 (up from 2); and, Centrists, 104 (up from 50). (There was a significant increase in the number of councilmen.) In terms of control of department councils, the UMP and other center-right parties have a majority in 59 (up from 41); and the Socialists and other left-of-center parties 28 (down from 61). 

National Front has its strongest showing in SE region famous for Nazi resistance during WWII

In three departments, the National Front holds the balance of power. In three other departments, center parties hold the balance of power. And, in four departments, there is an exact tie in the number of left- and right-of-center councilmen. 

The three departments in which the National Front gained the balance of power are: (1) Aisne, in northeast France. It was in this region of the country that the 3rd Infantry Division held up an attack by an entire German Army Group during WWI, even as the French army retreated, and earned its nickname "The Rock of the Marne." (2) Gard, in southern France, the only department in which Marine Le Pen finished first in the first round of voting in the 2012 Presidential election; and, (3) Vaucluse, in south-east France, renown for its resistance to the Nazis during WWII (red on map). 

The Socialists were in control of all three of these departments prior to the election.

Finns Party: ready to join in government

by Clifford F. Thies 

With national elections on April 17th, and polls showing the main opposition parties - the Center Party and the Finns Party - doing well, Timo Soini, the leader of the Finns Party says his party is ready to join into a coalition government. He is not opposed to any of the three other large parties of the country, but thinks that the Center Party would be the most logical partner. 

Polls indicate that the Center Party is running first, with the Finns Party, the National Coalition and the Social Democrats bunched up in second, third and fourth place, with several small parties further behind. 

The most important reason for the willingness of the Finns Party to join into a ruling coalition is that the issue of another Greek bailout has now been mostly resolved (with his position, opposing the bailout, being proven to have been the correct position). He says the EU needs to be decentralized, returned to a free trade area and customs union, and not be made into a fiscal union or a political union. He says the focus of the government should be high unemployment among younger Finns, and that he does not oppose immigrants to Finland, of whatever ethnic background, who are willing to work and learn the language of the country. The Finnish people, along with the Hungarians, Estonians and others constituting the "Uralic" people, compose a curious ethnic and linguistic group in Europe. 

Among these people are the Sami or Laplanders of Scandinavia, the northern-most legally protected indigenous people of Europe. In the Russian Federation, two republics are homelands for Uralic people. These are the Komi Republic, on the west slope of the Ural Mountains, and the Republic of Karelia, to the east of Finland. In the Russian census of 1926, 90 percent of the population of Komi was of that ethnicity, and 40 percent of Karelia. In the 2012 census, only 65 percent of Komi was of that ethnicity, and only 10 percent of Karelia. In an increasingly global society, it becomes difficult to maintain distinctive ethnic groups and the languages of the greater community encroach upon linguistic enclaves. The increasingly common second language of Finland, increasingly, is English.

Exposed! Tourist "Idiot" who posted the selfie in front of the deadly East Village NYC fire is a Democrat AND was an Iowa Obama campaign worker

No doubt she's now got a "Ready for Hillary" bumper sticker on her Subaru or Prius

From Eric Dondero:


From the NYPost, "Tourist apologizes for snapping selfie near East Village blast site":
After The Post exposed her with a front-page story headlined “Village Idiots,” Christina Freundlich said she was “deeply sorry for my careless and distasteful post.” 
“It was inconsiderate to those hurt in the crash and to the city of New York,” she said in an email to The Des Moines Register. 
“What happened last week in the East Village is not to be taken lightly and I regret my course of action.” 
Freundlich, who worked on both of President Obama’s White House campaigns and served as communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party, was among several people who used the disaster as a photo backdrop.
In the photo she's cracking a smile and doing the leftwing peace sign. 

See the disgusting photo at the link above.


Story is now trending in other right media (two hours after we here at LR realized how big this would be and posted)... 

Breitbart just picked it up, and is headlining as their top story, 
Obama Organizer Snaps Selfie Near Site of NYC Explsion Where People Died

Whoopsie daisy! Obama has a... well, um... Gerald Ford moment?

From Eric Dondero:

It happened on the way to where else? The golf course.

Will there be a Chevy Chase like comedian doing skits about Obama's trips and stumbles?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The stand-up guy on the bus

WARNING: Strong Violence in Video

by Clifford F. Thies 

When one black man began accosting a white man on a Metro-link bus in St. Louis, two other black men joined in. A fourth black man, Twan Davis, recorded the incident on his cell, posted it to his Facebook page, and tipped off local Fox news. At this time, the police are looking for the suspects. 

We mention this crime because it shows that you never tell a book by its cover. If you check it out, you'll see that Twan is down with the ghetto culture, including the language and the attitude. Yet, there it is. He was the stand-up guy on the bus.

The latest... Boston Marathon hero white-Irish cop shot in the face by African-American thug, may not make it


From Newser, "Boston Marathon Hero-Cop Shot, 'Fighting for Life'":
In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Officer John Moynihan helped save a life. Now he's fighting for his own after being shot "point-blank right in the face," says Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. Police say a traffic stop in Roxbury spiraled darkly on Friday night: After reports of shots being fired, the Boston Globe reports that six gang unit officers stopped a Nissan Murano around 6:40pm to speak with the driver and two passengers, all male. 
"You just clearly see the driver come out ... and his hand's going up as he comes out," says Evans of the "unprovoked" shooting. Moynihan was shot below his right eye, with the bullet lodging behind his right ear. Suspect Angelo West, 41, was killed after police returned fire. Moynihan is currently in a medically induced coma and listed as in critical condition.
Graph h/t - #IStandwithIsrael

Bill Koch is dumping properties

Colorado Property a cool $15m
by Clifford F. Thies

According to Forbes, Bill Koch is worth $2.9 billion. Some people might round that to $3 billion, but we figure $100 million ain't nothing to sneeze at. His two more famous brothers, Charles and David, are each worth $43.1 billion. A fourth brother, Frederick, $4 billion. We notice that Bill is dumping real estate. Zillow indicates that he has listed a 83-acre complex in Colorado for $100 million, and a Cape Cod mansion for $15 million. Is the guy having a cash flow problem? As to why there is such a disparity in the net worths, to make a long story short, Charles and David bought out their siblings' shares of Koch Industries in 1986. It was a mega-deal, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Charles and David felt as though they were paying more than a fair price, whereas Bill (at least) felt he got less. 

Cape Cod beach house
Charles and David kept their money invested in Koch Industries and with their management of the firm turned it into the world's greatest ever privately-held business. Their money continued to grow at a significant compound rate of return. The same amount of money, more or less, in the hands of Bill and Frederick, also grew but at a slower rate. Plus, as reported by the press, Bill was enjoying life immensely, with yachts and fancy homes and a series of girlfriends and the children he fathered. 

Both Bill and Frederick are patrons of the arts. Bill has assembled many very valuable memorabilia of the wild west and of sea-farers. For example, he owns the world's only known photograph of Billy the Kid, an item that cost $2.3 million. Frederick, who retired to Monaco, has been a collector of rare books and manuscripts. After many years of hard feelings and legal disputes, Bill and David - who are twin brothers - have had a reconciliation (although not Charles). 


Bill Koch and wife Bridgett Rooney at a recent New York City gala. Twin brother David was best man at their 2005 wedding.

Editor's note - Dr. Thies was an active member of the Libertarian Party at the time David Koch was the LP's vice-presidential nominee in 1980. 

John Kerry now using Muslim phrases to describe Iran nuke talks

VOA News
Dumps the French in favor of the language of Islam 

From Eric Dondero: 

Lovely.  Just lovely. 
Inshallah of course, means If the God of Muslims is willing.