Monday, September 22, 2014

BOOM! Thom Tillis roars back... now just 2 points behind Hagan in NC: Pizza delivery boy Libertarian bringing up the rear with 6%

40, 42 to 6

From Eric Dondero: 

Here we go... Just released... First big poll of the day.  

Thom Tillis has appeared to regain some Mo-Jo, after a few rough weeks behind in the polls, as much as 8% behind in one poll last week. 

Now this, from High Point University,, HPU Poll, Sept. 22:
If the election for United States Senate were held today would you be voting for (Republican Thom Tillis), (Democrat Kay Hagan), or (Libertarian Sean Haugh)(Pronounced HAW)? (RANDOMIZED) 
Likely Voters Thom Tillis (R) 40 
Kay Hagan (D) 42 
Sean Haugh (L) 6 
(Don’t know/refused) 12 n= 410
North Carolina voters give the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party relatively high Favorable ratings, Dems not so much 

Oh, wait, there's more interesting tidbits in the side questions.  For example, North Carolina voters give Republican Gov. Pat McCrory favorable ratings by 3 points.

And get a load of these numbers:
Republican Party Likely Voters 
Favorable 49 
Unfavorable 43 
Neither 4 
(Don’t know/Never heard of it) 3 (Refuse) * n=410 
Libertarian Party Likely Voters 
Favorable 37 
Unfavorable 29 
Neither 10 (Don’t know/Never heard of it) 
23 (Refuse) * n=410
The Democrats? Well, they didn't fair as well, 45% favorable to 48% unfavorable. 

Finally, Barack Obama? Turns out he's not so popular either in NC State. He's underwater at 57% disapprove of the job he's doing to 38% who approve.

Who ARE John Galt?

Video Synopsis - Episode 1 

Video Synopsis - Episode 2 

by Clifford F. Thies 

With yet another cast, the third and final episode of Atlas Shrugged is now in limited release. (A website for the movie gives locations of the theaters at which it is playing.) As to whether this episode works as well as the prior episodes did, is an open question. When the first two episodes were released, the U.S. was tumbling into a recession complicated by a Democratic takeover of the federal government. With a flaccid recovery, falling standards of living, mounting deficits, and a government takeover of health care, the hellish scenario described in Atlas seemed to be underway. 

But, today, we have the prospect of the Republicans taking over the Senate. There's reason to hope, although the possibility of a bear trap cannot be dismissed. 

Instead of us shrugging, retreating to Galt's Gulch, it seems time for rallying the troops. Besides, the storyline has the industry mix wrong. Instead of private enterprise seeking to develop super-fast trains and sustainable new sources of energy, it's the government trying to do these things (admittedly with lots of subsidies). The men of the mind have moved away from heavy industry, and into the digital age. Instead of dropping out, over-taxed and over-regulated corporate executives are simply re-locating from California to Texas, or from the U.S. to Canada. Still, there's a certain historic quality to Atlas. During a time when practically every intellectual in the world worshipped at the altar of the almighty state, she extolled the dignity of each individual person.

Hey, if you're running for State House, it's probably not a good idea to take a chainsaw and saw off half of your neighbor's garage door, even in Minn-eh-sooo-tah!

From Eric Dondero: 

It's got to be one of the most truly bizarre stories of Election Year 2014. Meet Roger Webber. He is the Republican Party of Minnesota's nominee for State House District 6A. He and his neighbor have had an ongoing dispute since the death of a property owner some years back. And Webber, last week, well umm, took the matter into his own hands, so to speak. 

From, A Republican Minnesota House Candidate Is Being Sued After Allegedly Sawing His Neighbor's Garage In Half
Roger Weber, a Republican running for a seat in Minnesota's District 6A, allegedly used a power saw to cut Mark Besemann's garage in half, according to a lawsuit filed by Besemann. 
The case stems from a longstanding grudge going back to 2012, when Weber's father died. Robert Weber, Roger's father, owned about 40 acres of land in the region, including the house and the garage. He transferred ownership of 39 of those acres to Roger, but he kept the house, garage, and one acre. After he died, ownership of the house, garage, and acre passed to his daughter, Ann Anderson. 
Roger Weber allegedly told his sister that, when his father died, he was going to remove any part or structures that were on his side of the property line. He insists half the garage is on his side of the property line. Anderson sold the house to Besemann, who came back a little more than a week later to find his garage destroyed.
Beseman is now suing Anderson for $20,000. But the damage to Weber's reputation, and to his state house campaign, is probably going to hurt even more. 

See the hilarious photo of the half-sawed off garage at

How convenient! Lib media pins the I like my women "chubby" remark at Kirsten Gillibrand, on the dead Asian guy
From Eric Dondero: 

 A small victory of sorts. Conservative bloggers would not let this one drop. 

Immediately after the Gillibrand book came out a couple weeks ago, conservatives were relentless with Tweets and emails to liberal journalists to name the alleged harassers. 

 And the NY Times has been forced to respond. But the guy at fault, quite conveniently is deceased. 

From TheHill, "Report: Inouye called Gillibrand 'chubby'":
The late Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) was the lawmaker who called Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y) "chubby," according to a report in The New York Times. The report cites unidentified "people with knowledge of the incident" and says that Gillibrand's office declined to confirm or deny it.  
Gillibrand caused a stir when she recounted in her new book, "Off the Sidelines," stories of male lawmakers making inappropriate remarks about her appearance. Gillibrand, however, declined to reveal the identities of those members of Congress, leaving the matter somewhat of a mystery. 
The full quote, now reported to be from Inouye, is: “Don’t lose too much weight now. I like my girls chubby!”
The Hill goes on to point out, that Inouye, an Asian-American, had some sexual harassment allegations against him in prior years, but nothing really came of it.

Revenge for Ferguson raid: Thugs invade upscale St. Louis neighborhood, rob 6 whites walking out of a restaurant, shout Michael Brown's name


From Eric Dondero: 

Interestingly, KMOV avoids a physical description of the suspects on-air; instead refers interested viewers to their website. 

From KMOV St. Louis, "Thieves allegedly rob six victims in name of Michael Brown":
According to investigators, the six victims, whose ages range from 59-61, were leaving a restaurant and walking north on Mississippi when the two suspects approached them. 
One suspect pulled out a gun and the other demanded the victim’s property. The victims complied and the suspects fled the scene. 
One of the suspects is described as a black male with a thin build, 18-25 years old, 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and wearing a white tank top, blue jeans, and medium length braids or twisties, and armed with a silver handgun. The second suspect is a black male, about 5 feet, 9 inches tall, wearing all black clothing and a black ski mask.
More from SFGate, "Name of Michael Brown invoked during robbery":
two thieves robbed six people Saturday night and said, "This is for Mike Brown," before fleeing the scene. Police say one of the suspects pulled a gun on the victims as they were walking away from the restaurant and demanded the victims' property.

Neil Bush: ugh?
by Clifford F. Thies

This is not the first time that Neil Bush has attacked a Republican. ("Neil Bush denounces ‘shameful’ claims linking Michelle Nunn to ‘terrorists’" In 2002, he attacked his brother, President George W. Bush, for requiring that public schools test their students as a condition for federal aid. 

This time, he is attacking David Perdue for holding Michelle Nunn accountable for money funneled through a charity - Thousand Points of Light - she headed that wound up in the hands of Hamas via Islamic Relief Worldwide. According to Neil Bush, also associated with Thousand Points, there was no connection to Hamas other than an accusation by a member of the Israeli parliament. 

First, with regard to terrorist funding, we first found out about it via a leaked internal memo of the Nunn campaign. Her campaign was concerned about how it would look if the word got out that she was linked to terrorist funding. 

The Israeli government banned Islamic Relief Worldwide from operating in Gaza, it wasn't merely an accusation by one, rogue member of parliament. Also, numerous banks have cut off Islamic Relief Worldwide because of concerns for terrorist funding. So, all the flags were there. Why did Nunn approve the funding? We know where the money went. Into the manufacture of rockets and the construction of tunnels. Schools and entire hospitals were built over Hamas command bunkers and rocket-launching sites. What kind of naive waif is Nunn that she doesn't know how Hamas operates? 

The real point is that Nunn is too deluded by her progressive liberal ideology to see reality. But, it doesn't stop with terrorist funding. Under her leadership, Thousand Points re-oriented its focus from encouraging volunteerism and community-based charity to funding progressive-liberal causes. 

Now, let's address the connection between Neil Bush and Michelle Nunn. Bush like Nunn is a child of a well-connected family who either never held of a real job or who botched the job he had so badly the family had to find a safe place to put him where he would be paid a handsome salary reflecting his status as a privileged American. In Bush's case, it was being on the Board of Directors of Silverado Saving & Loan which went bankrupt at a loss of $1.3 billion to the U.S. taxpayer because its deposits were federally-guaranteed. 

To be fair, Bush was not indicted on any criminal charge and entered into an out-of-court settlement with the FDIC for civil damages, to the tune of $50,000. And, Bush and Nunn are not the only children of well-connected families who are provided sinecures via charities and foundations and the like. The most recent case of a well-connected family setting up a child to hit the news was Chelsea Clinton, who says she disdains working for money, and was set up as Vice Chairman of the Clinton Foundation. 

We, at LR, have no problem with the rich and well-connected setting up trust funds and creating pretend jobs for their children. What we object to is calling this a charity for income tax purposes. We are for ending all the loopholes, exemptions, exclusions, deductions, credits, etc., in the tax code, and replacing all that with one generous zero-bracket so that nobody who is poor or near poor has to pay any income tax, and one, relatively low rate on income in excess of the zero-bracket.

A Kennedy gets testy, and... handy, with libertarian reporter Michelle Fields at Enviro-wacko rally


It's the Kochs... the evil Koch bros... 

From Eric Dondero: 

Michelle Fields, formerly with Young Americans for Liberty, and Reason, now with PJ Media, corners Robert Kennedy Jr. at this weekend's rally for environmentalist wackos in New York. It seems a-okay for the first minute or so, normal question and answer. Fields sucks him in, and then she drops a bomb of a question on him. He bristles. 

Then a little later Kennedy takes a rather aggressive manner with the 5 ft. '1, 105 lb Fields, grabbing her mic.  

All the while, Kennedy bashes 1980 Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate David Koch, blaming him for everything from the destruction of the earth, to eating puppy dogs, to taking the heads off of little girl's dolls.

Editor's comment - Try to imagine for a moment, if a prominent conservative or libertarian activist grabbed a liberal reporter's microphone in an aggressive manner.  You think it'd be all over the headlines at Yahoo News, Daily Beast, HuffPo, CNN?  Ya think?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

First indications, Gay Congressman's Rap music Blow-job-gate may be having an impact on the Governor's race

Michaud and LePage now tied at 35%, Cutler at 19

From Eric Dondero: 

To recap, homosexual Congressman Michael Michaud Tweeted out a link to a video made by a New England rap artist in cooperation with the Michaud campaign, that used a vulgar reference to Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins, accusing her of "giving brain." 

Now this, released just this morning,, "New Internal Poll Shows Cutler Gaining Momentum in Maine":
An internal poll released late yesterday suggests that independent candidate Eliot Cutler might be picking up momentum in his bid to unseatCutler Republican Gov. Paul LePage in Maine’s three-cornered gubernatorial contest. 
Cutler, a Harvard and Georgetown-educated lawyer who sunk more than $1.7 million of his own money into a previous bid for governor in 2010 — finishing a close second to LePage while leaving his Democratic opponent in the dust — had been languishing in recent public opinion polls, but a new poll conducted by a Virginia-based company shows the Cape Elizabeth attorney garnering 19 percent of the vote. 
The poll, which was commissioned by the Cutler campaign, also showed Gov. LePage and Democratic challenger Mike Michaud, a six-term congressman representing the state’s second congressional district, deadlocked at 35 percent apiece.
Michaud had been leading by 3 to 5 points in most recent polls.

Photo - Independent Senator Angus King and Independent for Governor Eliot Cutler. Also rap artist MC Spouse and gay Democrat Michael Michaud