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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Common Core opponents crush longtime school board incumbents in GA local races


Debi Krause unseated longtime incumbent Randall Holland, 392 votes to 336, in the runoff for the Republican nomination for the District 1 seat. Holland was first elected to the school board in 1986.  
In the District 4 primary runoff, Michael Shelley, a vocal opponent of the Common Core educational standards, trounced one-term incumbent Will Dunn, 375 votes to 200, for the Republican nomination. Krause will face Democratic candidate Betty Kinney in the Nov. 4 general election, but there is no Democratic candidate for the District 4 seat, so Shelley will take that seat..  (Emphasis added.)
Editor's note - That's a pretty solid whacking of an incumbent, 375 to 200.   

Did Kingston lose over amnesty, Chamber of Commerce endorsement?

Fall-out from nearby Mississippi Cochran vs. McDaniel also involved? 

From Eric Dondero: 

Whoa! Erick Erickson over at RedState is positing the theory that immigration played a key role in the final days of the Georgia Republican run-off for US Senate. Erickson points out that the candidate hurt the most was Chamber of Commerce backed Rep. Jack Kingston. 

The race was tighter than a virginal gay dude's behind. The final result: Purdue 50.7%, Kingston 49.3%.

RedState.com, "The Chamber's Immigration stance hurt their pick":
I have evening drive time on the most listened to talk station in America. Every night for the last month on my show I’ve gotten the same concern on the phones, in emails, on twitter, on Facebook, etc. Kingston had the Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement. The Chamber of Commerce is bad on immigration. Therefore Kingston would be bad on immigration. 
In fact, his opponent and now the GOP nominee for the Senate in Georgia made a point to tell people that Kingston was the Chamber endorsed candidate. His closing argument in advertising made Kingston own the endorsement. 
I tried pointing out that Kingston had consistently opposed amnesty, but it did not matter. After the Mississippi Senate primary, the conservative voters in Georgia were having none of it.
Erickson was a backer of Kingston, (as were libertarian groups including the Kochs, and those of us in the libertarian wing of the GOP.) 

Editor's note - We now fully endorse and enthusiastically back our Republican nominee David Perdue for US Senate. (I just learned Perdue was the founder and CEO of Dollar General stores. Pretty cool.)

Boortz responds to Dondero Tweet on border crisis

WSB Radio Atlanta
From Eric Dondero: 

The great Libertarian radio talk show host Neal Boortz and I had a little discussion on Republican fear over illegal immigration early this morning. 

Neal Boortz ‏@Talkmaster 14m Regarding illegals: Democrat plan -- Amnesty first. Then unearned citizenship and right to vote. Permanent Democrat majority 
Eric Dondero ‏@ericdondero 6m @Talkmaster And why aren't GOP elected officials confronting Dems and liberal media with this? You never hear them bring that line up. 
Neal Boortz ‏@Talkmaster 5m .@ericdondero Because they're terrified of being called raaaaaaaaaaacists! 
Eric Dondero ‏@ericdondero 4m @Talkmaster yup
The boisterous and outlandish Boortz, who was syndicated on over 200 stations nationwide before his retirement in 2011, now lives in south Florida, but travels the country with his wife and his crazy-ass dog Coco in an RV. 

Note - He was the keynote speaker at the 1999 Libertarian National Convention in Atlanta.

The most biased, anti-Semitic TV interview of an Israeli official of all time...

And it comes from... wait for it... here it comes... SKY NEWS! 

From Eric Dondero: 

What the bloody fuck?! Sky News is supposed to be Fox News's partner in the United Kingdom. They're generally regarded as right-of-center, far more balanced than the BBC. Yet, they appear to have gone over to the dark side, at least in the Israel-Gazan/Hamas conflict. 

Watch as a stunned libertarian-conservative Naftali Bennett reacts to a reporters insanely accusatory opening question.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

U.S. Circuit Court upholds ACA as passed by Congress

by Clifford F. Thies 

No doubt Presidents have some discretion in the implementation of an act of Congress. This doesn't mean they can willy-nilly add and subtract to it. 

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has ruled, 2-to-1, that the IRS may not subsidize health insurance policies bought through the federal government's exchange, as opposed those bought through state government exchanges, exactly as provided by the Affordable Care Act. 


The federal government argued (1) that the Congress intended to provide subsidies to everybody but was just too stupid to actually say this in the ACA and (2) even if the court didn't intend to provide subsidies to everybody, the court should just look the other way because, you know, it would be racist to not go along with the President. Key to the court's decision is that the regulation promulgated by the IRS makes millions of people subject to a penalty ("tax") if they do not sign up. The executive does not have the power to so subject people. That power rests with the Congress. 

Specifically, ACA requires people to spend up to 8 percent of their income to buy health insurance meeting the standards set by the federal government. But, the cost of this insurance is higher than 8 percent for tens of millions of people. So, the subsidies bring the cost down to 8 percent. But, says the majority decision, the federal government cannot overlook the ACA in providing these subsidies because that would expose people of modest income to a penalty. 

Whatever the color of the President, exposing people to penalties is not an exercise of executive discretion. It requires an act of Congress. The court also considered an argument by the federal government that no American has standing to sue it. According to this argument, anybody who has ever used a government road, or who may use a government road in the future, does not have the right to sue the government because they owe their very life to the government. Furthermore, if the federal government should somehow become liable for a person ever losing his or her said condition of life, further legal action would be obviated because "what difference does it make?"

The court ruled instead that prospective relief from ACA is warranted in this case because the harm is imminent, certain under law and near on the horizon. Assuming the Supreme Court rules similarly to this Circuit Court, yet another hole would have opened up in Obamacare, the first being concerning Medicaid expansion, the second religious exemption and now this one. This hole would be, by far, the most devastating because it results in reduced health insurance coverage of people of modest income. 

Obamacare was to provide this by mandating and subsidizing health insurance for them. If this ruling holds up, all Obamacare will mean for most people with modest income who are not covered by Medicaid is that they won't have any health insurance at all. That is, the once popular "limited coverage" plans have been made illegal, and the non-dependent poor and working class can't afford Obamacare.

Is Rand Paul the front-runner?

by Clifford F. Thies 

First, make no mistake about it, Rand Paul is a serious candidate with a path to the nomination and a path to the White House. Both parts are tricky. Both parts usually are. Second, he performs well in head-to-head match-ups against Hillary Clinton. In a recently released Quinnipiac Poll, he leads Clinton by 3 points in libertarian-friendly Colorado. 

In two recently released Marist Polls, he is tied with her in Iowa, and is 3 points in back in New Hampshire. In all three states, he was the best performing Republican in these match-ups. Third, Paul is among the leaders and often first when Republicans are asked for their preferences for the nomination. 

 The path to the nomination: Paul is looking to build on his father's base of libertarian-leaning Republicans and independents. In a crowded field, with multiple candidates appealing to social conservative and establishment Republicans, he can win or at least do well with his hard-core supporters. In open primaries, he has the ability to attract voters not usually associated with the Republican Party. But - and this is a very big question - there is a question as to his ability to win when the field winnows down. 

Will social conservatives and establishment Republicans coalesce into a "Stop Paul" movement? If it were up to New York Congressman Peter King, the answer would be yes. While we don't think it will up to him, we're not sure how this will play out. The path to the White House: In 2016, like in 2012, the race will probably be decided by Karl Rove's rule: the McCain states + two states we should win (Indiana and North Carolina) (which Romney did win) + three states we must win (Florida, Ohio and Virginia) (none of which Romney won) + and more state. Obviously, with Paul, Colorado is that extra state.

In the closing days of the 2012 campaign, Romney's inability to close the deal in Colorado forced him to try to win Pennsylvania and other midwestern states, where his brand of moderate conservatism wasn't too much of a handicap. But, this diverted attention from the three must-win states. And, not only did we not win the "and one" state, we lost all three of the must-win states. With Paul, we know what the "and one" state is, and with that clarity we will be better able to compete in the must-win states.

Fuc*king Great!!! Video footage shows right-wing Jews fighting back against Muslim-Nazi attackers in Paris

The Best Video You Will See All Day... Guaranteed!! 

From Eric Dondero: 

It's hard to follow. But the good guys - Jewish youth - are on the right, the bad guys - filthy Muslim slimeballs are on the left. Note the black north African guy at the 50 second mark. It gets extremely violent at the 3.20 mark. 

As jta.org reports, it took a few minutes for the French riot police to arrive, "French Jews were left to protect themselves":
Videos showed the young Jews facing off against pro-Palestinian rioters in a running street battle. Both sides hurled chairs, tables, metal bars and bottles at each other, advancing and retreating several times in offensives and counteroffensives on the street on which the synagogue is located. 
Finally, riot police arrived and used tear gas to chase away the pro-Palestinian rioters. The officers established a perimeter around the synagogue, and the young Jews fell back behind police lines. The synagogue’s defenders reportedly included individuals from the right-wing Betar Zionist youth movement and the French branch of the far-right Jewish Defense League, or LDJ, as well as members of the French Jewish community’s security service.
Editor's comment - If only they had had a group like Betar Zionist in the 1930s in Germany and throughout Europe to fight off Hitler's Brown Shirts, and other Nazis. But better late than never.

Rand/Ron Paul Libertarian for Congress joins southeast Michigan protest against Central American invasion

Illegals "should not be brought to Michigan, [rather] kept at the border to assist in expedient return to country of origin"

From Eric Dondero: 

We have reported on Tom McMillan's race before here at LR. 

He has the endorsement of nearby libertarian Republican Rep. Justin Amash (who appears on the banner of his website). 

He is very much a Ron Paul-style libertarian Republican from economics (fiercely against crony capitalism), to civil liberties (no NSA surveillance of US citizens), to foreign policy (congressional authorization before any foreign interventions). 

From Tom4Michigan.com:
Tom is a husband, father and grandfather. Tom is married to his wife, Dalila. They have two girls, Anna and Leah. Tom also has a daughter Jessica who lives in Lapeer with her husband, Chris and their daughter (Tom's granddaughter), Brooklynne. 
Tom is Certified Public Accountant. He has been a city councilman and Mayor in Auburn Hills. He served as an Oakland County commissioner, where he was elected to that post by defeating an incumbent Democrat - the first time that had been done in Oakland county in decades. 
As State Representative Tom McMillin has been STANDING UP to big government for years...
  • Washington should have zero say in what occurs at a local school. So called No Child Left Behind only consolidates power at the federal government and must be repealed. Taxpayer money should not be used to force policy at the state and local levels such as Common Core curriculum standards, nationalized testing and federal student databases. 
  • The tax code should not be used for crony capitalism. Special interest carve-outs are a significant reason why the code is so large. We must make the tax system flat, without special breaks for politically-connected special interests. 
  • No data on American citizens should be collected by the federal government without direct consent or a specific warrant. If our citizens are being surveilled, they should know how it is occurring and strong oversight by Congress and representatives of the general public should be in place with severe penalties being exacted for wrongdoing. 
  • We must not give our tax money to countries as bribes to prop up foreign politicians. Individual up or down votes should be taken for any handout to any country. We must not fight wars that are not authorized by Congress and that are not in America's direct interest. A country, like Israel, has the right to defend itself from attack and the United States should not interfere. 
  • One of the only real constitutional functions of the federal government is to provide for the national defense. We should do this well. 
  • We need to end America’s attractive draw for illegal immigration by eliminating government benefits, such as, welfare, in-state tuition, food stamps, housing subsidies and free medical benefits for people here illegally. US citizenship for “anchor babies” must be ended. States should be allowed to enforce immigration law to protect their borders if the federal government fails to exercise this responsibility, as it is a matter of safety for these states. People in the United States illegally should not be brought to Michigan, but should remain near the border where found, as to assist in expedient return to their country of origin. And no amnesty for people breaking the law and coming to our country illegally.
McMillan probably won't be getting any endorsements from the (left-leaning) Libertarian Party any time soon. Over the weekend he attended an anti-illegal immigrant rally in Lansing. 

From the OaklandPress, "Tea Party protests immigration in Rochester Hills":
Members from the Southeast Michigan 912 Tea Party reportedly protested Saturday along Rochester Road near M-59 in Rochester Hills. According to Watchdog Wire, members are opposed to granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. 
Congressional candidate Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, reportedly joined the group of more than 30 protestors. The Tea Party Express recently endorsed McMillin in the race for Michigan’s 8th congressional district.
McMillan faces a conservative Republican State Rep. Mike Bishop for the Mike Rogers seat. By all accounts the race is tight and rather "feisty." And more recently, both candidates appear to be attempting to out-fiscal conservative each other. 

It's a safe Republican seat, so the winner will for all intents and purposes be the next congressman for the district.