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HOLY SH*IT!!! New CBS/NYTimes Poll has Republican Greg Abbott over Wendy Davis for Texas Gov by 17 points!! Details coming...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Common sense on border control from New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown

From Eric Dondero: 

Just released by the Scott Brown campaign. Brown notes how native Americans are asked to go through security practically everywhere these days; yet illegal aliens can do as they please without any fear of repercussions. 

Most polls show Brown 10 points behind Shaheen. 


by Clifford F. Thies 

World leaders, including President Barack Obama, say Israel's attack on Gaza is out of proportion. But, when did "proportionality" become a rule of war? When a country is attacked by another, whether by the organized government of that other country or by criminals, pirates, terrorists, whathaveyou, it is for the country being attacked to decide on the appropriate action subject to the rules of war. 

For example, by a long-standing rule of war, codified but pre-dating the Geneva conventions, you cannot target civilians. You can target seaports, airports, bridges, tunnels, factories, mines and other things of military value, and civilians can be killed as a result. But, the civilians are not the target. They're "collateral damage."

The Geneva Conventions do not, repeat do not limit the number of civilians that are killed to be proportional to the value of the military target. The restriction is only wanton disregard. 

Furthermore, any civilian deaths resulting from the positioning of military targets among civilians is of absolutely not a fault of the attacking party. Such position is itself a war crime and completely the obligation of the party so positioning the military targets. Finally, the death total could be zero if Hamas would cooperate in Israel's effort to locate and destroy their tunnels and their stockpile of rockets. The proof that proportionality is not in the Geneva Accords is that it is in "Protocol I," an addition to the Geneva Accords proposed in 1977. 

A significant number of goody-goody countries have approved Protocol I. The United State is a notable exception. So are several of the front line countries of the world, including Israel. It is one thing for Germany, which considers itself safe and has reduced its military force to a mere token force, to approve Protocol I. It is another thing for Israel or India, being front line countries, to do so. It is yet another thing for the head of state of a country that has not endorsed Protocol I to criticize a country for not abiding by it. But, we have learned to expect practically anything from Obama. Why should he feel constrained by the Senate not ratifying Protocol I? 

Furthermore, the protections afforded by Geneva only hold up when the other party conducts itself in accordance with Geneva. Gaza ripped up the Geneva Accords by commencing rocket attacks on the civilian population centers of Israel, and continues to shred the Geneva Accords by positioning military targets among its civilians and by using its civilians as human shields. Not abiding by Geneva, Gaza is not protected by Geneva. 

My last comment on proportionality concerns the prisoner exchange involving 1 Israeli, Gilad Shalit, and 1,027 Arabs. Since it is admitted by Hamas that 1 Israeli is proportional to more than a thousand Arabs, what's to complain? As of the latest count, the rockets have killed 28 Israeli civilians, and about a thousand civilians have so far been killed during the invasion of Gaza. Without even apportioning responsibility for those thousand lives, Israel is still well within the boundaries of proportionality.

CBS/NYT/YouGov megapoll: Republicans favored

Big Media increasingly agreeing with earlier LR prognostications: Republicans poised to pick-up 7 to 10 seats

by Clifford F. Thies 

CBS and the New York Times have contracted with YouGov to track this year's elections in most if not all the Senate and Governor races, and many of the competitive Congressional races. 

The YouGov approach to polling involves assembling internet-based panels, as opposed to using random-digit dialing of telephone numbers. The nationwide size of the YouGov panel is said to be 100,000. The use of internet-based panels is an increasingly popular technique, and growing in its acceptance among statisticians.

The first wave of CBS/NYT/YouGov polls indicates that Republicans are ahead in every state where they are defending seats, including Georgia and Kentucky; are ahead by at least 8 points in three states Democrats are defending (MT, SD and WV); and, are within 4 points of the Democrat one way or another in seven other states Democrats are defending (AK, AR, CO, IA, LA, MI and NC). Thus, based on these polls, Republicans will pick-up at least three and as many as ten seats, and are favored to win control of the Senate. (Considering that seven of these states are Red States, we've been prognosticating a pick-up to seven to ten seats for the past few months.) 

The technique of using internet-based panels was developed by John Zogby in 1998. At the time, the technique was criticized for not being a random sample (where every member of the target population has an equal chance of being in the survey). More specifically, Zogby's panels were criticized for being influenced by self-selection. Candidates of the Green and Libertarian parties did much too well, indicating that political junkies were way over-represented. Plus, the forecasts were just ridiculous. They didn't pass the smell test. 

Zogby, once a high flyer among American poll-takers, became relegated to the sidelines. Zogby thought that by weighting the sample by demographics he could convert his obviously unrepresentative unweighted panels in representative weighted samples. This weighting scheme came to be known as Zogby's "special sauce." For example, if blacks were 10 percent of voters, and if blacks were only 5 percent of his panel, he would double-count each black. But, if the blacks included in his panel tended to be internet-savvy types, double counting them wouldn't make up for not having a representative sample. 

Contemporary public opinion companies that use internet-panel based surveys spend money to get and keep panels that actually are representative of the general population. This can involve advertising for panel members on sites frequented by under-represented groups. This can include cash payments and/or discount coupons for active panel members. (The discount coupons can come from companies using the public opinion company for market research.) As a consequence, the technique is today considered reasonably accurate.

New Pew Poll: Republicans are now officially the Pro-Israel Party; Democrats increasingly Anti-Jew

Self-described "Liberal Democrats" are by far the most anti-Semitic

From Eric Dondero: 

Wow. Just wow. Striking results from Pew. 

From NewsMax, "Americans divided by Party on Gaza conflict":
Republicans are more likely to side with Israel in the current conflict than are Democrats, according to the poll taken over the weekend. 
Sixty percent of Republicans say Hamas is more to blame than Israel for the current violence, while Democrats are more closely divided. Twenty-nine percent of them say Hamas is more to blame, while 26 percent blame Israel more, and 18 percent say both sides share equal blame.
Almost half — 46 percent — of Republicans say Israel's response was about right, according to the poll, while 19 percent say it hasn't gone far enough. Only 16 percent say Israel has gone to far. Among Democrats, 35 percent say Israel has gone too far, with a similar number, 31 percent, saying the response has been about right. Only 9 percent of Democrats think Israel has not gone far enough. 
Liberal Democrats are the most likely to call Israel's response excessive. Forty-four percent say it went too far, and 33 percent say it was about right. Seven percent said Israel didn't go far enough.
Editor's comment - Why any Jew would still be a Democrat, is beyond incomprehensible.

Nazi Swastikas starting to appear in south Fla. Jewish neighborhoods, spray-painted on synagogue

Only local news coverage, national liberal media outlets ignore Nazi-Muslim threats

From Eric Dondero: 

Of course, the liberal media wants to protect the Muslim terrorist-sympathizer occupying the US White House, so media coverage is limited to just local media. No big blaring headlines this morning at Yahoo News. No top of the fold stories at Google News. Nothing at USAToday, or CNN. 

From CBSLocal.com, "Synagogue vandalized in NE Miami neiborhood":
For the second time in just a few days messages of hate targeted members of South Florida’s Jewish community. 
Early Monday morning, spray painted swastikas and the word “Hamas” were discovered on the pillars of the Congregation Torah Ve’emunah, at 1000 NE 175th Street, in northeast Miami-Dade. 
“This is absolutely a desecration of something holy. It’s a disgusting thing to see,” said Michael Katz who worships at the synagogue.
And this:
On Saturday, a family who lives along Meridian Avenue in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Miami Beach found their cars had been vandalized as they left to attend a service at their synagogue. 
“They wrote “Hamas” on the back of the car window and they wrote “Jew,’” said Joshua, who didn’t want us to publish his last name.
Editor's comment - And of course, if some KKK fucks, had spray-painted "Nigger" on some black church, the headlines would be the top header on every single news outlet in the country this morning, in big bold letters. We'd be having 24 hour round-the-clock coverage at CNN. But, hey, it's just Jews. So, the left media ho-hum.

Republican for US Senate in coal country USA turns out the lights on the Democrat-occupied White House

Grit, determination, badass heavy metal background music

From Eric Dondero:

Fooled ya! She's actually a Democrat. She's running against Republican Shelley Capito who is by most polls ahead by more than double digits.  

Editor's comment - It shows how Democrat candidates are now going to extremes to avoid any association with the Muslim communist in the White House. Hey Natalie, good that you're turning out the lights on Obama.  Now how 'bout dumping your Democrat party in the trash heap. 

Democrat for Congress in Arizona wins the endorsement of a local strip club and then calls his constituents a bunch of criminals

You read that right! No hyperbole, no exaggeration... Read on... 

From Eric Dondero:

Meet Jarret "the Rev" Maupin. He's one of four candidates seeking the Democrat nomination for Congress in a Phoenix area district. The seat is currently held by retiring Democrat Rep. Ed Pastor. The Reverand recently received the endorsement of a local strip club, named "The Alaskan Bush Company." 
h/t slumbuxdon.com

They posted a sign out front backing him, because of his support for a multitude of socialist causese: Minimum wage increase, taxpayer-funded student tuition, mandating pre-schoolers attend government education classes. Maupin gladly accepted the endorsement, but not, however, without a bit of a gaffe. 

From azcentral.com, "Democrat pastor running for congress: Strip club endorsement 'a blessing'":
A Phoenix strip club has endorsed a Democratic pastor for Congress. And the candidate, Rev. Jarrett Maupin, says he welcomes the The Great Alaskan Bush Company's support. 
"The Lord works in mysterious ways," said Maupin, who calls himself a member of the Progressive Christian Coalition. 
The strip club recently touted the endorsement on its Grand Avenue sign: "Jarrett Maupin for Congress 'The Rev.'" 
Maupin can't vote for himself in the primary because he was convicted of a felony in 2009 for lying to the FBI about alleged criminal behavior by then-Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. Addressing the issue this week, he said, "You'd be hard-pressed to find a family in the district that doesn't have several" felonies.
Editor's comment - Ouch! Here's hoping Maupin secures the nomination. He'd be great fodder for Republicans in Arizona and nationwide. Next up: "My constituents are just a bunch of crack-heads."

Monday, July 28, 2014

Kashkari: Republican Party should be the "hard work" party

From Eric Dondero: 

Our Republican nominee for Governor of California, Neel Kashkari interviewed by Black Conservative TV. Kashkari doesn't use boiler-plate "Republican Party should be party of free enterprise..." Rather Kashkari says the GOP should be the party of "hard work." 

Editor's comment - Gotta love it!! As opposed to the Donks, party of sleuths, loafers, do-nothings, and moochers.  Probably unintentional on his part, but a master-stroke none-the-less. (This is something we all should use - Republican Party is the party of hard workers.)