Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Daniel Fells

He is a handsome man and looks strong, even without his football uniform. Yet, his wikipedia entry already describes him as a former American Football player. New York Giant tight end Daniel Fells, diagnosed with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), has already had a foot partially amputated to prevent the further spread of this infection, and is fighting for his life. He's being carried on the Giants' injured reserve roster, so let's not past tense him yet.

The disease has become resistant to first and second generation antibiotics through natural selection. While some next generation antibiotics are in development, treatment of MRSA involves a mix of therapies, which treatment is not always successful. Among the more exotic treatments is maggot-therapy or the introduction of live fly larvae to the infected area to eat the necrotic cells that have been invaded by the MRSA.
White blood cells ingesting MRSA

Until recently, MRSA was mostly isolated to hospitals and other places where patients are treated for staph diseases, emerging spontaneously from patients through natural selection. But, MRSA is beginning to show up in the community. For example, in locker rooms, which is how Fells may have contracted it. American football players are especially at risk because of the violent nature of their sport.

Many people carry staph infection and spread the disease through coughs, sweat and other bodily fluids and discharges. But, most people, most of the time, fight off the disease through their immune system. Keeping a healthy immune system is the best way to fight the disease. Proper nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep and watching stress. Over-reliance of medicine might not be a good idea and, besides, we need our available medicines to be effective for those who become sick. So, it's not a good idea to, in effect, cultivate MRSA by constantly relying on antibiotics.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day!!!

Enraged Black man crashes Donald Trump rally in Norcross, Georgia

From Eric Dondero: 

Estimates of over 20,000 showed up to the rally this weekend in southern Georgia. 

This individual demonstrated outside of the event. He quickly drew a number of onlookers and created quite a stir. 

HUGE! HUGE!! HUGE!!! Far-right libertarians gain in Vienna, Austria elections, socialists suffer heavy losses

Left-leaning/Pro-EU The Local admits, mass Muslim immigration across Austrian borders, largely responsible for Freedom Party's rise

From Eric Dondero: 

We've been following Heinz Christian Strache for nearly a decade here at Libertarian Republican. His FPO Party is anti-open borders, fiercely anti-Islamist, pro-sovereignty and against the EU, pro-capitalist and socially pro-sex, fun and rock 'n roll. In many ways they're the Austrian version of Nigel Farage's UKIP. 

Yesterday, FPO may have had their greatest victory to date. 

According to The Local
Austria's Far Right Make Gains...
Despite the Socialists holding on to Vienna's city hall on Sunday with 39.44 percent of the vote, the party also suffered a loss of almost five percentage points on the last election five years ago. 
The Social Democrats have governed Vienna since the end of the Second World War. 
The FPÖ on the other hand saw their best ever result, up more than six percentage points on 2010. Critics of the populist party believe the increase in support is a reflection of the growing concern in Austria over mass migration. 
The FPÖ has already made huge gains in several of Austria's provincial elections this year, usually at the expense of the Socialists and the centrist People's Party. The party is yet to win an election outright, however.
Unfortunatly, as The Local notes, similar to UKIP's showing in the UK, the Party does quite well overall with percentage of the vote, but consistently fails to elect its members to seats in parliament and local office.

Also of note, the total turn-out for the election was up 6.6% to an astounding 77% of registered voters.

Grits and Tories tied



With one week to go until the national elections in Canada, the Liberals have pulled even with the Conservatives in the polls. New Democrat support appears to be shifting over to the Liberals.

Hindu vigilantes kill Muslim man on rumors that he slaughtered cows


India is a majority Hindu country, and the Hindu religion considers the cow sacred. The Hindu religion allows the slaughter of cows, and the use of its products - skin and organs, bones, and so forth, in addition to its meat - only under strict regulation. Even so, many Hindus abstain completely from cow meat, and some abstain from meat altogether being strictly vegetarian. But, for some Hindus, the cow is used to distinguish Hindus from Muslims. Muslims merely require that cows, as other animals grown for meat, be slaughtered in a proper way. Muslims in India are sometimes referred to as cow-slaughterers. And, from time to time, Hindus attack Muslims upon news or even suspicion of cow-slaughtering. Such a time happened this past week. A gang of Hindus attacked and killed a Muslims suspected of slaughtering a cow.

A Hindu priest is quoted as saying "If someone attacks mother cow [an endearing reference to cows, common among Hindus], or eats it, then this sort of reaction [the killing of the Muslim man] should happen. It is justified."

We look to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for justice for the murdered man and for his family. Modi is a member of the main center-right party of his country, BJP, and is himself a Hindu nationalist. After some hesitation, he responded to the incident by saying, " We should decide if Hindus want to fight Muslims or poverty. Muslims must decide if they want to fight Hindus or poverty."  Eight men have been arrested and an investigation is underway.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy No Hijab Day... Take 'er off!

From Eric Dondero:

It's October 11, the first official No Hijab Day. Over 4 billion people around the world are expected to participate.

If you don't wear a Hijab, then great. Thanks for already participating.  But if you do know a Muslim woman, urge them to disrobe, take the garbage bag off of the head. You'll be happy, and they'll be more comfortable. 


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